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The Tracy Anderson Workout Method Routine

So you have no doubt been researching the Tracy Anderson Workout Method and routine, looking to see if all of the bold claims from the method and A-list celebrity clients really are true. Will you be able to shape your body to perfection just as Anderson says? Will you be able to lose weight, tone up and even make your body smaller?

Well there are definately some top clients that are getting some incredible results and you probably know some of the names; Madonna? Gwyneth Paltrow? Courtney Cox? You only have to look at these women to see that they are in shape, toned, sculpted and have ‘to die for’ figures.  All of these celebrities have reportedly worked with Tracy Anderson and used her incredible workout routines.

I really love Tracy’s approach to muscle development – she isn’t putting muscles through stressful workouts that cause trauma and bulk. She actually teaches you to work the smaller muscles that wrap around the larger ones, pulling them in, sculpting them and causing your body to become smaller and tighter. Just like the workouts that I talk about on this blog, tone, NOT masculine bulk.

The latest release from the fitness expert to the stars is a 30 day Method. It has several parts such as the Muscle Design Work that is 3 cycles of 10 days, showing great muscle workouts that always keep your body guessing, after all muscles can get bored so changing up routines on a regular basis helps to accelerate the positive result we want.

There is also a Cardio section in the book that is focused on some 10 minute dance routines. All of these rug cutting moves are demonstrated on an inclusive DVD of which you can start off gently and then build up to a ful 6 minute cardio vascular routine.

Of course to complete the 30 day plan there is a whole diet and nutrition section. This is split into 2 sections. The first is a 25 day meal plan with recipes included and eveything on it looks mouth watering, which is good news – no cabbage sandwiches! The final 5 days is a cleansing section called a Performance Cleanse – this is going to purify our whole body like all cleanses do, but added onto a great 25 day diet, cardio workouts and muscle toning, it is going to totally supercharge your results.

Its worthwhile checking out a few of her other books and DVD’s to see if there is a particular one that really suits your needs. If you are srious you could always combine a few of them and perform them 1 after the other. This way you could have an ongoing workout that lasts for months and months where your figure, diet and body is constantly improving and constantly transforming into the figure you have always dreamed of.

Thanks for reading the Tracy Anderson Workout Method

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