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Pear Shaped Body Workout and How To get Rid of a Pear Shaped Body

Their are actually loads of women who have this shape and who are looking for a pear shaped body workout. I estimate that this is probably the most common shape of women and the one that they really want to lose. I have to say at this point that if you do have that pear shape then I think you already have a head start, after all the pear shape doesn’t put too much weight onto the stomach. The excess weight and shape is usually on the thighs and hips so at least your tummy isnt too large.

Yes, if you have the pear shape then you may carry a bit of excess fat around your stomach but thats not your main challenge. In this workout I’m going to give you a couple of exercises that target all of these areas, including stomach, hips, thighs and buttocks. However its imperative that you dont leave out your upper body in this exercise routine, after all you want a balanced body, right?

I love these exercises as you can target a couple of body areas at a time. They’re compound exercises:

Firstly make sure you are warmed up – perhaps a 10 minute session on a rowing machine as this gives most of your body a good warm up.

  • The first exercise is a lunge with dumbells. A lunge is simply standing with feet shoulder width apart and then taking a fairly long step in front of you allowing your legs to bend, lowering yourslef close to the floor. You then push back up with the leg you stepped out with taking you back to the standing position with both your feet next to each other.
  • Now this is a great exercise if done with just your body weight, but when your ready simply hold a dumbell in each hand and repeat the exercise. Dont go or anything to heavy because your going to do 10-15 on each leg without a rest in between. OK now for the compound bit…….
  • As you now have a dumbell in your hand its time to add in a shoulder press. So stand with feet shoulder width apart, step forward with one leg, lower yourself to the floor and push back up to the start position. Now fluently raise both dumbells above your head until your arms are nearly locked and then lower them back down to your sides.  Thats your shoulder press.
  • For this shoulder pres movement, keep it slow and steady and begin with your palms facing forward, bend at the elbows, bringing the weights to your shoulder, then raise above your head twisting your palm forward again like your punching the sky.
  • Congrats….you just worked out your thighs, hamstrings, buttocks, biceps, triceps and shoulders!!!

Doesn’ that feel good? Next up, the push-up and leg raise on a swiss ball.

  • Right now you all now how to do a push up, but this time your going to use one of those huge blow up swiss balls you see at the gym.
  • Firstly grab the ball, position it behind you, get into a push-up position and then one by one get both feet on the ball. This can require balance so it works your abs. Now you are going to do a set of push ups but as you do you’re going to lift one leg off the swiss ball whilst keeping it straight. Just lift your heel into the air about 8-10 inches from the ball. Repeat for both legs and do 6-8 push-ups with each leg raised.
  • Congrats…you jst worked abs, triceps, chest, hamstings and buttocks.

Alright then to finish up your pear shape busting workout, its time to head to the treadmill.

  • Whatever you do dont just start the treadmill and get walking or running.
  • Firstly put a shallow gradient on the machine and jog at a moderate pace or even walk just to get warmed up. Do this for 3-5 minutes.
  • Now increase the gradient and jog or run at a higher pace for 2 minutes
  • Next, lower the gradient to flat, rest and recover for just 1 minute.
  • Then repeat the whole process again.
  • This is a great workout for the legs and hips as the gradient really makes you drive and propel yourself forward and uphill. plus the cardio side of things is great for knocking off the calories, getting the old heart going and pumping blood through all those extreme capillaries whilst carrying vital nutrients around your whole body.

This whole routine is probably going to take you 30-40 minutes and of course you will need to cool down and stretch afterwards so yourenot too stiff the next day. If you keep going with this set of exercises then you can kiss good bye to the old per shape. Oh…..and keep coming back because I have some great developments on this routine that are really tough!

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