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Christie Brinkley Beauty, Diet and Exercise Secrets

It’s true, at time of writing Christie Brinkley is 57 years old. You probably know this actress and again at time of writing that she is in the incredible Chicago musical currently running in NewChicago Muscial York. Just recently she has been snapped showing off her incredible figure, beauty and a great set of legs to match.

How does a busy actress working on one of the world’s most successful musicals find time to look this good? How does anyone at the age of 57 keep such a fresh face, stunning figure and long toned legs?

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Well she has revealed all!

Unfortunately for us she doesn’t swear by eating burgers, pizzas and hot dogs five times a day like you hear some crazy Hollywood stars talk about.

Nope in fact she talks about eating a balanced diet and exercising all the time. What I really love about this is that she doesn’t talk about going to the gym every waking minute or working with a personal trainer for six hours everyday.

In fact she finds ways to work out and exercise was doing day-to-day activities in the house. For example when she is blow drying her hair she lowers herself into a sitting position where there is no chair. This is obviously a great workout for her quadricep muscles and buttock muscles. Not to mention she has to keep balance by engaging her core stomach muscles.

She also talks about standing on one leg when she is pushing her teeth and holding the other leg up behind, again engaging the buttock muscles. This is her secret and it’s what keeps her looking fantastic. That and a nutritious, well-balanced diet.

So what can you do?

Okay here’s a few ideas to add to the two above.

Leave a heavy bag at the bottom of the stairs. Every time you need to go up the stairs, left the bag and carried on with it. The added weight will give you some great resistance and give a great workout to your legs. Once you reach the top of the stairs place the bag on the floor in a sensible place and when it comes to descending the stairs pick it up and repeat the process.

Christie Brinkley also states that she performs 100 push-ups a day. Now this might take some of you a lot of time. But what about when you’re standing around waiting to use the bathroom, or even waiting for that microwave to finally ping. Do you think you could push out 10 push-ups? Absolutely. If you do this every time you’re waiting on something you could easily rack up 50 push-ups in a day.

What about if you are lying leg raises when you are relaxing on your bed. This could easily be done first thing in the morning when you wake. Simply lie on your back with your hands by your side, keep your legs straight and left it straight up from your hip and then lower back down. 10 of these on each side will give a great workout for your hips and again your stomach muscles.

I know initially this seems like a crazy idea, but if you add in a few of these simple exercises whilst you are standing around brushing your teeth, drying your hair, lying in bed, waiting for your husband to get ready before you can go out, then you are going to start to see some changes in your body.

Try it out, what have you got to lose!?

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