I REALLY hope this isn’t you at the gym!


Hi this is Rich! Funny video right!?

OK OK so what the heck is a guy doing running this site about Gym Workout Routines For Women?

Well actually I am a fitness fanatic and this whole site began because of my wife and when she asked me about shaping up.

You see I knew exactly what types of routines worked for guys – I knew what shape they wanted to become, I knew what muscles they wanted to grow and I knew how to motivate guys. But I didnt have a clue about women.

All I know is when women look great visually they FEEL great too…..So I told my wife to begin researching on the net……

Turns out that there either wasnt specific enough information or simply way too much to decipher and figure out what was good and what wasnt. So this is why I decided to build this site and help a few other ladies just like my wife.

After a long time searching we did find one program that fits the bill perfectly. My wife used it and followed the program to every single, step, exercise, tip and diet advice….and she achieved great results!

Best of all…….This is just for women! It is designed to ensure you get that sexy, slim, fit look and NOT the ‘Gorilla Guy’ look! Check it out and you will see – its PERFECT for ladies and the best one we can find!

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Now my wife being the perfectionist she is wanted not only to lose weight but too also tone up and firm up. Needless to say this involved getting rid of anything that wobbled, like bingo/chicken wings and building a more shapely set of buttocks, as well as shedding a few pounds of fat and cellulite.

Well she did it and she looks (and feels 😉 fantastic)! Its all about the visual impact, right? Of course it wasnt without hard work, so if you’re serious I am sure you can achieve similar results too.

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It even has a 60 day, 100%, no quibbles, guarantee!


If you are suffering from being overweight, then you must also be suffering from cellulite. The reason for this is that cellulite appear in people who have excess fat in their body. If you want to reduce the amount cellulite on your body, then you may want to do some gym exercises to target these problematic areas. Because the excess fat is the main contributor of the cellulite, the best thing to do is to find a good exercise routine and have a healthy diet.

In your diet, you should remove or prevent too much saturated fat. Furthermore, you must avoid drinking too much alcoholic beverages. These products are the main contributor of excess fat in your body, which in turn develops into cellulite. Fruit and vegetables are the best foods that you should include in your diet. You should also drink plenty of water so that you can flush the toxins out of your body naturally and remain hydrated and energised at all times. By making these kind ofsimple diet alterations, you can be sure to reduce your weight gain.

For the exercises that you can do to reduce the cellulite deposits, you can go to a gym to do some cardio workouts. These exercises will effectively help you shove off some weight. Some of the gym workouts that you can do for your cellulite are yoga, Pilates, dance, and mild aerobic exercises. You can also do some resistance training with the help of small weights. This will help you tone some muscles and make your body firm. As you tone your muscles and make your body firm, you will be sure to reduce the unwanted fat and cellulite.

Overall, getting rid of unwanted cellulite and excess fat can be done with proper diet andexercise. You only need to know what type of food to eat and to avoid. You also need to do some gym exercises for cellulite. With the proper guidance of a gym instructor or a good workout routine, you can easily improve how you look and feel.

Now I know many women want to get fit but I know that many women want to just get rid of that darn ornage peel cellulite – if that’s you then you gotta check out this website I send people to below.

Its got a cool video, so just give it 20 seconds to download once your on the page. Its not gimmicky and it goes through the physiological reasons that you have lumps and bumps and it shows you how to get rid of them too.

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